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A few examples of images taken from different heights and varying seasons. Click on each picture to view in a larger format.

Houton Battery

This is a site I have been aware of for many years and have never visited. It is in a commanding position looking over Scapa Flow, Hoy Sound and over to Graemsay and Stromness. It is in surprisingly good condition with the steps to the shore buildings completely intact. The photos are all from outside the site. The owner contacted me and has given me permission to go on site and take as many pictures as I like. Thank you very much, it is very much appreciated.

Berryhill Anti Aircraft site

I found myself with a couple of hours to spare and thought it was time to go and visit some new sites that I had never been to, even though I grew up in the islands. The first of them was a wartime anti aircraft and radar site at Berryhill in St Ola. The strange thing is, it is in view of my current home and where I grew up. Many thanks to the owners for allowing me to take the pictures.

Winter scenes in the West Mainland of Orkney

I decided to head West this afternoon and discovered that there was much more snow and it was much colder. The light was almost behind the hill but I did manage to take a few snaps before the windchill got the better of me.

Stenness Loch is spectacular being almost frozen in its entirety and a quick nip up to Yesnaby in quite deep snow meant I was able to catch a late evening picture.

Toy Ness/Swanbister 23rd January 2021

I was asked if I could do a small recce of a wartime pier as it was difficult to get to by normal means. This crane/hoist was obviously made from materials available at the time. In the midst of 4 seasons which included sun, snow, wind and rain altering every 5 minutes or so, I managed to get a few pictures. You can see the different light in the photos changing the colour of everything.

The biggest challenge was deciding how the birds would take to the drone but my fears were soon allayed as they did not care at all. I started off at a distance. moved closer, changed height, made more noise and they did not bat an eyelid. It is fortunate the drone has a 20 megapixel camera meaning I could fly at a distance and crop the pictures to retain the detail.

My thanks therefore to the Bichan family for letting me film and to the birds who were good company. Also thanks to my daughter Jenna who came out for the run.

Ness Battery Stromness – 2nd January 2021

With thanks to Andy Hollinrake, curator and guide for Ness Battery in Stromness, I got a chance to take a few photos when the light was (almost) favourable. The recent refurbishment of this site hopefully will allow it to survive for many years to come. More information on this amazing site can be found here History | Ness Battery

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