The newly rebuilt Speyside Centre at Skye of Curr, risen from the ashes.

Aerial photography starts with a blank canvas and is weather dependant. Whether it is an aerial photograph of your home as a gift or regular photos of your home or business premises during the course of construction.

Perhaps you have a favourite place in Orkney you would like an unusual picture of. The maximum radius of flight is 500m and images can be taken up to 120m (400ft) in height from the take off point.

I can have a look and record video or take high definition stills of the inaccessible high parts of your home or building, letting you make an informed decision on whether you require repairs to your home or external technology, such as satellite dishes or solar panels.

You are welcome to join me and choose the perfect image as it can be seen clearly on a high definition screen throughout the flight which can last up to 30 minutes in optimum conditions.

Give me a call and run your ideas past me and we can hopefully come up with a solution that meets your needs. My aim is to come up with a simple, cost effective solution.

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