About me

Neil Thain

Better known for aviation photography taken while working at Kirkwall Airport for the last 19 years and for visiting airports, airfields, RAF bases and attending airshows whenever possible.

I have been a keen drone pilot for the last 10 years and passed my A2 Certificate Of Competency on the 15th October 2020, after training with Airborne Platforms UK which allows me to turn my hobby into a business, with certain restrictions to stay within the law.

My drone is never far from me and depending on the weather, whenever I see something that catches my eye, it is in the air capturing what I consider to be beautiful or interesting scenes.

The difference in my photography is the fact that I have poor colour vision and cannot use Photoshop or any other software, where colours can be manipulated. The pictures you see are as close to what the camera and I have seen.

I plan to provide services to the public from 1st January 2021 and until then, I am adding to my library of images whenever the weather allows.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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